We manufacture rubber-metal spare parts for the most common slurry pumps and pumps for hydrocyclones of the market. We also repare spare parts for every kind of pump and give solutions depending on the materials and the working environment, which allows us to improve the efficiency and durability of these parts.

Our spare parts for pumps include the following families:

- Impellers
- Volute liners
- Casting casings
- Throatbushes
- Complete sets for pumps


Our spare parts are manufactured with top quality irons and rubber adapted to the customer needs. The production process is subjected to a management system and under the supervision of our technicians, who check all the pieces in order to obtain a proper performance in your plant.

Our customers want the quality and the capacity of response we offer, as well as the significant improvement they obtain in the performance of their plants when using our products.

Wide range of spares in Stock