Rubber linings

We coat pipes, tanks, cyclones (feeding chamber, cylindrical body, cones…), and many other items
using the most suitable rubber for each working environment, achieving improved performance and longer lifespan of the final products.

How do we do it?

Thanks to our accumulated experience and the size of our facilities, we have the necessary flexibility to coat various formats and sizes of products according to specific needs.

The coating process consists of five distinct phases: shot blasting of the metal part, application of
primers, adhesive application, rubber coating, and vulcanization. This process always employs the
highest quality raw materials, tailored to meet our clients’ requirements and specifications.

Once the pieces are vulcanized, we conduct a quality control process, which includes visual
inspection of the parts, verification of obtained hardness, and other checks, to ensure that the final
product meets the client’s demands.

Rubber linings
Rubber linings